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Raven Chess Engine

Raven is a chess engine written in C that uses the UCI protocol.


Negamax search with alpha beta pruning

Quiescence search
Transposition table
UCI protocol compatible

There are three versions available for download. It's recommended that you download version 0.30.

The first version (0.12) is the first version of the engine, written in Python, and uses its own interface. It's very weak, limited to only a depth 2 search, and will only be a challenge for very weak players.

(Currently unavailable) The second version (0.20) is the second version of the engine, written in Python, and uses the UCI protocol. It's considerably stronger than the first version but still isn't very strong.

The third version (0.30) is the third version of the engine, written in C, and uses the UCI protocol. It is much stronger than the previous versions. It's currently rated 1800 on Lichess and 1452 on the CCRL 40/4.

To run the first version (0.12), just run chess.exe.

For the second and third version (0.20 and (0.30), you'll need to download a chess GUI program such as Arena or Cutechess, then load the executable into the GUI. Once it's loaded into the GUI, you'll be able to play against it.

You can also play against Raven 0.30 in your browser on Lichess at https://lichess.org/@/RavenEngine


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